Refresh Your Bathroom with These 6 Towels And Other Nice Things

Be totally refreshed in your bathroom then go straight to your bed with these new comfortable products from Brooklinen:

1.Classic Bath Towels

Includes 2 bath towels measuring 30″ x 58″. Soft, absorbent, and plush – everything you desire in a towel. You will be ordering more. Do yourself a favor and buy them too. Get 1 or 2 towels for every member of the family!


2.Ultralight Bath Towels

Brookline got these towels correctly. You will be sold on them and you will buy another brand of towels again. Thinner towels will make you happier and they are easier to handle and hang dry.


3.Tufted Bath Rug

When you get out of the shower, you will be met with a bath rug that’s so absorbent, your bathroom will never be soggy wet. Also, its materials that grip well with the floor make you so safe. Get one for every bathroom!


4.Classic Fitted Sheet

You fall asleep even with the remote control still in your hands, even before you turn on the TV, you doze off. You will plan on putting them on every bed in your house. They are so comfortable, cool, and classy.


5.Waffle Robe

Order your robe in graphite and it will exceed what you expect! It’s just perfectly warm – not too cool and not too hot to the skin. Just lay it flat to avoid shrinking and you will be surprised it will be dry in a few hours!


6.Hammam Towels

It’s a modern twist to the age-old Turkish bath towels. They are smooth on one side and Terry on the other side for more absorbent action. The staple Turkish cotton is also quick drying and is perfect for drying up or simply for bathroom decor.