Maintenance for Your First House After Purchase

Your home cannot take care of itself, so it is important that you have a budget so that you can maintain your home on a monthly basis.

If it is your first home, after you buy it, it is not necessary to do maintenance immediately. The main thing you need is to verify that all the areas are in optimal condition and then create a monthly maintenance plan.

Check the whole house

The main thing is to check and verify that our entire home is in optimal condition.

This is extremely important, because the house is newly bought, and you need to know every single detail. This way the maintenance will be much more efficient since you will be doing the maintenance to your home in the correct way.

Maintenance plan

The maintenance plan should be done on a monthly basis, because your home may constantly weaken or lose value.

The maintenance plan aims to repair the areas of the house that need it. This way we can ensure the safety of our home and increase the value of the house.

Home maintenance

Interior maintenance includes home systems (heating, gas, air conditioning, plumbing, and electrical system), wall and floor finishing, furniture, fixtures, and appliances. Exterior maintenance includes the foundation, walls, roof, and landscaping.

Basic maintenance and repairs

Cleaning the roof and gutters, cleaning or painting the exterior walls, cleaning the floors and walls, vacuuming the carpets, keeping the sink and shower drains in good condition so that the water runs off without accumulating, cleaning the symphony boats, etc.